My most memorable treasure hunt experience thanks to UPS (UK)— a.k.a Unreliable Parcel Service

思然 oce
5 min readDec 2, 2022
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Yet it dares to claim itself as “Customer First”…

I have only (passively) used UPS (UK) three times.

And they disappointed me three times.

The first one was pretty uneventful, it was a classic UPS mischief, that is, while you are waiting for your parcel at home, you suddenly receive this email:

What do you mean by you “tried” to deliver your parcel? Did you even try to come to my street?

And in 4 mins, they send me another email saying the parcel is now in a shop waiting for me to collect.

How could this be physically (I mean the law of physic) possible for my parcel to arrive in a shop in just 3 minutes if you are really attempting to deliver it to my home in the first place? I could only picture the staff parked the van outside the shop, sending fail-to-deliver messages to everyone and they dump all the parcels into that shop. This is rubbish.

I am paying for the parcel to be delivered to my place in 48 hours, and now you marked my parcel as delivered, but it is NOT delivered. You LIAR.

BUT THIS IS NOTHING compared to the treasure hunt experience I had:

I have a parcel sent by a friend from Hong Kong. It said delivered but it wasn’t. In the “proof of delivery”, it showed my parcel was put outside a door.

But it wasn’t my door.

I called customer service, they said they delivered to my address. I told them the door in the proof of delivery was not my door. They said they have someone sign so they delivered the parcel. Their job is done.

I asked them where they delivered the parcel. They said according to the address. If I did not receive it, so the sender must have written down an incorrect address.

I asked them then where they delivered the parcel to, and they said they could not tell me where they delivered it because of confidential issues.

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