I touched a dead body

思然 oce
4 min readSep 15, 2022

(Trigger alert: suicide)

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I live in a house share in London.

My landlady, let’s name her K, is usually out in the garden sunbathing and reading when I return home from school. However, I didn’t see her on the day before yesterday and yesterday.

Since I had caught a cold from a student I support, so I have been feeling pretty unwell and slept really early. But I had this weird feeling that why I hadn’t seen her around.

So today when I return home from school and saw her jacket hanging by the staircase, the sense of unsettling sank in. If she was out, she usually put on her jacket. This meant she probably was in the house.

She lived on the 3rd floor, I live on the ground floor and the other housemate live on the 2nd floor. I had actually never gone beyond the 3rd floor but I felt like I need to check. So I went up and knock on the door and called her. No response.

I walked back down and sent her a Whatsapp to check on her. At the same time, I picked up the letters on the floor (the postmen push letters into our house so all the letters are scattered on the floor) and I saw a handwritten note addressed to me, my housemate and K, it was from K’s friend (let’s name her T), saying she failed to reach K and would like us to let her know if K was okay.



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