Childish comedy in international preschools

思然 oce
3 min readApr 1, 2018

Preschoolers brought their books back to share with their classmates.

Teacher, “This is ‘Sal the Shark’! Who brings us this book?”
Joe raises his hand, “Me!”
Teacher, “Great Joe, so let’s see the first page, what is she doing?”
Joe, “No! Sal is a boy!”
Teacher, “Well, this is an interesting question, usually Sal stands for Sally, so is she a boy or a girl?”
Half of the class, “She is a boy!”
Teacher, “Well, but she is really a girl!”
Joe, “No!! He is a boy!! HE IS A BOY!!!!”
Teacher, “Okay, what makes you think she is a boy?”
Joe, “Because he doesn’t have any hair!”

A child was holding one earpiece of a toy stethoscope and spinning it in high velocity. As an observer, while I’m not supposed to interact with any children, I worried the metal chest-piece may hit other children so I was about to stop that child. But before I could interfere, the chest-piece hit a nearby child’s head with a loud “BANG”.

Luckily that child was playing Bob the Builder so he was wearing a safety hamlet!

Sharing about “people who help us”, children started by saying “policemen, firemen …”
David shouted “Spiderman”.
Teacher, “Spiderman is not real.”
David, “He fights bad guys!”

The teacher ignored, “What else?”
Richard, “Chocolate man!”
Teacher, “Huh? Chocolate man? What’s chocolate man?”
Richard, “We saw Chocolate man yesterday!”
Sally, “No, that was lollipop man.”

During free play time, kids can play whatever they like or can join some activities lead by teachers. Today one of the activities was about making ice-cream. Over ten children from different classes rushed to that small corner. They were very excited and kept on saying “Yeah!! We are making ice-cream!”

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