Boys Are from Mars, Girls Are from Venus

思然 oce
3 min readMay 25, 2020

(Background: I am a researcher on play in preschoolers, and I am known as Miss O to all the preschoolers. )

A little girl sat next to me, “Miss O, let me tell you a story!”

Me, “Great! What’s the story about?”

The little girl using her storytelling voice, “Snow White. Once upon a time, there was a Snow White…”

A little boy jumped in enthusiastically, “I KNOW!! A prince kissed a princess, and then…”

The little girl was a little bit annoyed, “Not that soon, you listen to me first…”

I said to the little boy, “Let’s listen to her story then we can listen to yours.”

The little girl went on, “Snow White’s mother is dead, and her new mother is a witch…”

The little boy interrupted, “I know. The prince gave the princess a big kiss!”

The little girl was frustrated, “I am speaking!!”

The little boy, “You don’t need to talk so much, the most important part is the prince kisses the princess!!”

(Seems girls care more about the process and boys care more about the results in such an early stage…)

A little girl said to a little boy, “I want to sit with you!”



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